PHIL WEEKS is one of our Guest Artists for this NYE launch of Lisbon’s newest club. The music purist with a hip-hop attitude, owner of Robsoul Recordings and known for his exquisite House Music productions, shared some words with us about his career and life.


EH: Apart from Robsoul, did you ever work with other labels?

Phil: When I started Robsoul 
I was very close with David Duriez’s label, Brique Rouge. We were working on everything together, everything from the promo to the artwork and all the different ideas that crossed our minds. It was always important for us to keep the artistic direction personal though. Other than that, I’ve had many projects on different labels. The list would be too long, I can’t even remember them all. MFF, Primal, Large, 2020Vision, Supplement Facts, I records, Brique Rouge, PND, Icon, Detour, Nightshift, Adult Only, Syncrophone, Magnetic, Rex Club music, Bass Culture… Those are some labels that I’ve worked with.
EH: What was the 1st steps of your music career? Organizing parties? Playing as local DJ? Music Production?

Phil: I started DJing and producing music in the mid 90s. I bought my first drum machine, samplers, groove box, multitrack recorders and mixer board, and when I felt that I was installed in the game I organized my first parties. First I was only playing in Paris and France, but in the early 00’s I got my first booking outside of France. That was so crazy for me, I just couldn’t believe it, and I’m still super excited about playing my music and travel the world.
EH: Is Paris your hometown and your base? How do you feel about the city?

Phil: I was born and raised in the suburbs of Paris (Vitry Sur Seine), and it was actually quite Ghetto. But that’s something that I’m proud of, because I quickly learned about the real life. 
Now I’m based in one of the top areas of Paris, and I love it as well. I love Paris, for me it’s the best city in the world, there’s so much history, culture & creative freedom.
EH: Do you feel Paris has experienced a new kind of House Music movement in the last years because of labels like Robsoul and MLIU ?

I have no idea if Robsoul and other labels have influenced the new generation, but I hope they did! But yes, it’s true to say that the House scene in Paris is exploding. There are many great parties and we have a lot of new talents that I really like. I hope this is a movement that will last for a long time because the scene was quite dead 10-12 years ago, but we all know that everything is a cycle so we just have to keep on pushing.
EH: It’s great to see music artists like you, creating unexpected content like the series of Underground Chronicles. What made you create it?

One day my old manager from back in the days, Ian Straker, told me that I should make some videos. At the time that wasn’t something that everyone was doing. At first, I wasn’t into it at all, but then I started thinking about it and I came up with the concept of Underground Chronicles. In the beginning the idea was just to have fun and to entertain, but then the project evolved and now I’m working on the fourth season. It’s not always easy to come up with new ideas – do you have any dope ideas? Maybe we should do an episode in Lisboa for NYE? It would be the first episode ever in Portugal.. Are you in?


Phil Weeks is joining us on the 31st of December. Tickets are available HERE.

Stay tuned for more.