For those who aim to join the EAST HOUSE Launching Event this New Years’ Eve, but not quite willing to buy online, here’s good news.

Today the Official Ticket Points for this NYE where released. These spots have been carefully selected from a range of cool shops and venues from Lisbon, most particularly related with the underground music and bohemian scene of Lisbon.



Considered one of the most relevant Portuguese Record Shops, Carpet and Snares gathers quality with variety, specializing itself in the finest of the contemporary underground electronic music, alongside with their own and particular selection of Classics. It’s located in Chiado – best to take the metro, it’s both blue and green line -, and one of its owners – Jorge Caiado -, prominent figure in the Portuguese House music scene both as a Producer and as a DJ, will also perform this New Years’ Eve side by side with Phil Weeks and the | ela | Residents (from the local 90’s inspired raves, | ela | east lisbon afters).




Even though it’s mainly a small-sized music and drinks venue, Bar Capitão Leitão offers more than turntables, a tasty and great-quality selection of house cocktails, and a mindfully selected list of local craft beers. Located by the Eastside of Lisbon – in the quirky neighbourhood of Marvila -, this cozy spot is perfect for mid-week encounters with friends, or simply to get to listen the owners’ outstanding music selection. Will and Viviana, apart from being the warmest hosts and bartenders you could find in the city, have something else to share: Capitão Leitão is famous for having the smallest Record Shop in Lisbon. Don’t let the size trick you.




All cities have that one place, located in the middle of the centre buzz, that feels like you have just entered the artistic epicentre. Crew Hassan is our one (located in Intendente). This venue is not a Record Shop, but they sell amazing 2nd hand music in vinyl that shines brighter than many official record shops. They are not a Health Centre, but they have well-being sessions and classes that would make any gym/retreat place jealous. They are not a veggie cafe lounge, but their tasty cheap street food (fully vegan and vegetarian) is better than many. It’s a mix of all worlds, and definitely a must-visit in Lisbon.




This is the newest Record Shop of Lisbon (actually, it opened only couple of weeks ago), and also the cutest. “Amor” means “love” in Portuguese, and there you can find a bit of everything, with a touch of Brazilian heat – due to the owners origins -, as also get to see their live DJ Set sessions and special events. Finally, a place to take your cousin/girlfriend/mom, when you go for record hunting: the little bar on the right cares a fine selection of German and Belgian beers, as also spirits, to keep them entertained. Find Amor Records in Cais do Sodré, on the way to Santos.



You can now get Tickets at 30€ from this charismatic Record Shops/venues of Lisbon, until the 30/12/17.