Marvila was, for many years, one of the most forgotten parts of Lisbon. Even though it’s located just a couple of kilometers from the city center, it feels like you have left the hectic city when you walk through the neighborhood. Old warehouses, factories and small shops – this used to be the industrial part of the city, with apartment houses built for the factory workers in the 20s. Unlike the rest of Lisbon, Marvila has barely been touched through the decades, but during the past couple of years something has happened. Cafes, bars and beer breweries have started popping up in an area that has long been asleep.

Industrial areas have always been attractive for ravers and artists, because of the lower costs and the abundance of spaces and buildings. This is what is happening now in Marvila – or like the local people and the leisure industry community like to call it, East Lisbon. It’s no secret that Lisbon has been growing a lot the last few years, with Airbnb and rising housing prices driving locals away from the center. The city has changed a lot and so has its nightlife; several clubs being forced to shut down because of complaints and the city council has worked to move the nightlife down to the river banks. Marvila, with its easy access to both the city center and the airport, and with few empty spaces and buildings, is in many ways the perfect location for a new social and musical movement.

EAST HOUSE is the new roof for the East Lisbon movement. A new space for dedicated ravers, music lovers and friends. Historically, underground movements have many times grown on the eastside of cities – look at Amsterdam, Berlin or London. Now seems to be Lisbon’s turn.

Parties and raves connect people, because we meet in our love for the music. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what your daily life looks like. EAST HOUSE aims to bring people together, but also wants to open people’s eyes about environmental issues. To inspire people and make them feel something through music and art, instead of just feeding them with information which they soon will forget. EAST HOUSE will be a lab for different solutions to make the music industry – and the club scene – more sustainable. The main Eco methods and procedures will be shared soon.

EAST HOUSE will be the new centre for electronic music events every Friday and Saturday, starting in the first trimester of 2018, will focused on DJ and Live-act performances from local and international DJs and music labels. The official launching event is on New Year’s Eve with a special 12-hour party featuring DJs Phil Weeks, Jorge Caiado and the | ela | Residents.



Photos from THEO GOULD –

From the “Forgotten East” photo series